Introduction to the Nvidia Challenger Series

In the beginning it happened pretty quickly. Among all pCARS sub-communities was a huge tremor, because a new kind of contest was announced. People were talking about an e-sports trophy happening in project cars. And instead of a normal league with races, this trophy consisted of time trials. Not only that, tinkering with setups was not allowed either. This means the threshold to be competitive would be much lower than all other e-sports events up till now. And this was great news for us, the frequent occupants of the project CARS official steam chat.

The Nvidia Challenger Series is the trophy we are participating in. Compared with previous trophies the band of competition is much narrower. Everyone drives the same lap with the same car, so drivers need to learn to get the max out of the car without making a single adjustment. This means the lap times are much closer to each other because no one can win time with the perfect setup. This promises a pure close battle of driving and that’s why I’m really looking forward to competing. As I am writing this on the train home waiting to start the first round.


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2 comments on “Introduction to the Nvidia Challenger Series
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