Bentley Continental GT3, Monza, 1:46.587

Bentley at Monza, edited 3

So, after a long racing weekend, where, regrettably, only two of us had a lot of time to race, I can happily let you know that we made the top 50!

A small recount of the last day from my perspective:

Although I was aiming for a top 10% finish, I didn’t quite believe I’d still manage that when I started up Project CARS again on Monday, 10pm. After all I had slipped down the leaderboard to 103rd during the day.

With a nice beer in hand I set out lapping again with a few tweaks to my wheel, ABS and my shifting and my line here and there.
I quickly managed to get my time down from a 1:47.6xx to a 1:47.3xx by short shifting slightly to counter the torque falloff the Bentley Continental GT3 exhibits above 6000rpm.
That time per se would just about have been enough to fulfill my personal target of being in the top 10%, however for some reason my ghost got bugged and the game uploaded one showing be spinning out and posting a
In other words: I HAD to improve more to set a valid time!

Then finally, after another hour or two, 20mins before the end of the event, it suddenly went “click” whilst following Clucks ghost.
I managed to improve my time by more than half a second in one go! I’m still not entirely sure how I managed it but boy did I feel elated!

In the end I finished on spot 48.

I have attached recording of my lap, featuring Clucks ghost, below. 🙂

The Team finished on:
RacingTopsy 48th, Shin 111th, MisteriouslyMasked 176th, Emil 363th, Bazil 408th

However I expect we’ll move upwards a bit as some times will be invalidated due to crossing the tracks boundaries.
I’m looking forward to the next event!





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3 comments on “Bentley Continental GT3, Monza, 1:46.587
  1. rdmracer says:

    Drinking and driving, supported by RacingTopsy

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  2. […] may partly be because of the track. Where 2 wheels on the grass was legal in Monza, it didn’t slow the car down as much as the Californian sand of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca can do. […]


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