Our opponents are cheating bastards, but are they really that?

If you participate in the NCS, you probably have noticed there are a lot of drivers and teams that have been disqualified in the first 2 rounds. To prevent any new waves of disqualifications, I have written this article. The purpose is to get you up to speed with what is going on in this competition and to improve your e-sports experience.

You have probably noticed some ghosts are exceptionally difficult to follow. This is not because they are just fast. Instead, they are using lines that take all 4 wheels off the track. Something that you would be unwise to do because that would invalidate your laptime. Not only that, in search for the fastest time, some players seem to follow a very unrealistic line around start/finish.

You are following the ghost of someone who is trying to effectively cheat. Even though their effectiveness is questionable, you quickly notice that this is digressing the feel of competition. As I am talking about a game with most illegal settings locked down, the ways players can cheat are quite limited. The only ways to cheat are either to cut corners or to use a very controversial line to start the lap with extra speed.

The thing is, even though those actions feel like they’re destroying competition, they are not. Your lap time is useless when cutting the track and any weird line you find onto the start/finish straight is often without any speed advantage. When considering the fact if those people are cheating, it is necessary to go back to the rules in its purest form. And those rules say nothing about approaching the S/F straight in an unrealistic way at all.

What the rules do fully state is the demand to turn in a ghost with a constant 2 wheels on the track  to be eligible for points. If you can’t do this, it is your own loss. Even from my own perspective, I can easily see how people end up with invalid laptimes. If you are on the perfect lap and you are not sure if you put 2 wheels on the track it is very understandable you want to continue your fastest lap. But, this comes with a consequence. If this is the best you can do, and 2 wheels went off the track, your round is done. You are not able to get points any longer.


Even though there are still 2 wheels above the track, technically this lap is invalid.

Even though the rules state nothing about taking a longer run at the start line. The rules do state the organizers have the right to change this in a way they seem necessary. And they are also allowed to punish unsportsmanlike behavior. This is expressed in the fact that a whole e-sports team is disqualified from the rest of the competition for actively trying to cheat around the run up to the start line. This is a good response to the community from the organizers side as this unsportsmanlike behavior was much frowned upon.

To conclude this, I would like to ask you, the reader, for a favor directly. You know we all want to race as realistic as possible. As that is why we are playing project CARS. But, to have as much of a realistic experience as possible you have to act like you are racing real people as well. So, please, when you think you invalidated your laptime halfway through, just go off the gas and try again. There’s a much bigger chance you get into the points that way.



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